Let us read Stalin himself.
“As you see, we now have an entirely new, Socialist state, without precedent in history and differing considerably in form and functions from the Socialist state of the first phase.
But development cannot stop there. We are going ahead, towards Communism. Will our state remain in the period of Communism also?
Yes, it will, unless the capitalist encirclement is liquidated, and unless the danger of foreign military attack has disappeared. Naturally, of course, the forms of our state will again change in conformity with the change in the situation at home and abroad. No, it will not remain and will atrophy if the capitalist encirclement is liquidated and a Socialist encirclement takes its place.
That is how the question stands with regard to the Socialist state”
P421-422; Stalin Selected Works. V14


Certainly once socialism has been built, as it was built in the USSR and thus a socialist state-and the famous constitution-was also created, one has to decide as to what to do!
Go on to building communism or be satisfied with what is built-socialism? Actually, there is no choice here. “Development cannot stop”. “We are going ahead, towards Communism”
It is thus that plans were being drawn regarding the building of communism after the Second World War! The slogan, “We shall achieve plenty”, that is communism, was the slogan of the day!
1.a) The attacks on Lenin Stalin plan of building socialism-communism, besides all other issues, also relate to this issue. Many comrades who claim to defend Stalin that he is the builder of socialism in the USSR and the destroyer of Hitler etc., have basically two differing approach to this issue.
First one openly declare that communism cannot be built in one country and that Stalin has made a mistake declaring communism can be built in one country. Second one declares this approach as an attack on Stalin, that actually Stalin is not here talking of the higher stage of communism but talking of the first phase of communism, that is after all socialism. And those who attack Stalin claiming that he is talking of higher phase of communism are distorting him. They put this view forward for they also agree that communism cannot be built in one country!
Both these approaches agree that one cannot built communism in one country!
We on our part call both these approaches as “New Trotskyism”!
Before socialism was built the position of Trotskyism was the denial of the possibility of building socialism in the USSR. They also declared that it is Stalin who came up with this “impossible” policy. You show them Lenin’s co-operative plan, thus his plan of building socialism in USSR, and as is known there are many a writing of Lenin that openly declares that “we have all we need to build socialism” and that we are building it. No matter. A sect is a sect. It will close its eyes to reality, lie about it and go on repeating: You cannot build socialism in one country! This is an absolute unchangeable truth of all Trotskyite sects.
And what are you supposed to do if you cannot built socialism while you are the government? Of course you restore capitalism! We all know of Trotsky’s plan of restoration of capitalism which has now been realised!
But while Stalin was alive socailism has been built! Everyone knows it. Stalin applied and developed Lenin’s plan of building socialism in one country, in the USSR, and socialism was built!
Now that socialism has been built now comes the question. Can communism be built in one country? Especially in such a large and powerful country of many nationalities as USSR that has the support of the world proletariat?
Under these conditions, under the conditions of socialism having been built in one country Trotskyite sects had to adapt. Other than coming up many a varied forms of “proving” that socialism has not been built in one country, they also had to come up with a view that accepts the building of socialism in one country but declare that communism cannot be built in one country!
One sect and one absolute truth of a sect opens up opportunities for many an interpretation of that absolute idea.
Socialism has been built in one country, and it can be done, but communism cannot be built in one country!
So you are the government, you have built socialism but you cannot built communism!
What are you supposed to do then? Of course you restore capitalism!
Come back to the holy grail of Trotskyism for after all what does the “socialism cannot be built in one country” really there for: to restore capitalism. If you are forced to accept that socialism has been built, you then have to come up with a new grail: “socialism can be built in one country but communism cannot be built in one country”!
In fact the restorers of capitalism in the USSR has gone through two phases.
Khrushchev phase was when high sounding declarations were being made of building communism while every policy proposed and applied was blocking this building of communism and was creating absolute chaos and degeneration and preparing the ground for the restoration of capitalism. He was a follower, under different conditions, of his close friend and comrade Tito the Trotskyite. This phase came to an inevitable end, communism was not built. The second phase (of Brezhnev) was based on giving up on building communism in USSR-they anchored themselves on what they called “higher phase of socialism” until the total destruction was ordered by their imperial masters!
This policy of denying the possibility of building communism in one country is the policy of restoration of capitalism in a country that has built socialism! This is to help cover the crimes of traitors who destroyed socialism that was built by declaring that building of communism in one country is impossible. You see, that is why they could not build it! They could not built communism not because they are traitors to the Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism; but because it cannot be done! It is thus correct that they are all called “New Trotskyites”!
Titoite-Trotskyite all of them! Traitors to communism, enemies of the people all of them!
Furthermore, this discussion about building communism in one country is not just a simple issue of Stalin making a mistake or Stalin not being interpreted correctly- as those who declare that one cannot build communism in one country say. It is directly related to the Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus to the Lenin-Stalin plan of building world communism! It is thus that these critics and correctors inevitably “criticise” Stalin here and there and everywhere!
They come up with Trotsky here and there and everywhere while swearing to Stalin here and there and everywhere!
They have corrections and or correct interpretations in plenty!
It is thus correct that they are called “New Trotskyites”!
New Trotskyism is the worst form of Trotskyism!


Tek ülkede komünizm konusuna daha önce değindik.
Orada Stalİn’den alıntı hakkında ‘yeni Troçkistler’ kendi yorumlarına açık kapı bulduklarını sanmaktaydı.
Bu yeni Troçkistlerle bağını koparamamış yoldaşlara yoruma açık olmayan bir alıntı sunmanın onlar için faydalı olacağı ümidiyle onlara 19. Kongre Raporundan daha önce sunulmuş olan bir alıntıyı tekrar sunuyoruz.
‘Marksizmin düşmanları ve bayağılaştırıcıları, davamız için son derece zararlı olan, kapitalist kuşatma koşulları altında da Sovyet devletinin zayıflayacağı ve sönüp gideceği teorisini vaaz ettiler. Parti, çürümüşlüğün kemirdiği bu teoriyi yerden yere çalıp bir kenara fırlattı ve sosyalist devrimin bir tek ülkede zafere ulaştığı, diğer ülkelerin çoğunda ama kapitalizmin egemen olduğu koşullarda, muzaffer devrim ülkesinin devletini zayıflatamayacağını, bilakis her yönden güçlendirmesi gerektiğini, kapitalist kuşatmanın sürmesi halinde, komünizmde de devletin varolacağı sonucunu çıkardı ve gerekçelendirdi’